Final Presentation


My project sought to improve student engagement through the use of novel, hands-on, and technology based methods. In using I wanted to increase student collaboration and provide a medium of reference for all class content. This project consisted of several multimedia components including Google Documents, Prezi, iMovie,, and Adobe Flash to create more memorable learning experiences for the students. In the creation of skits and roller coasters students demonstrated their knowledge of the content taught and gained from the media they experienced. Ensuring engagement from the students required active participation and peer collaboration created by the projects and lessons within the content and was successfully measured by various assessment methods.

Literature Review Reflection:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.22.35 PM

I feel this visual representation shows exactly the focus of my literature review and capstone project in general, students. The important aspects of my AR were to increase student engagement and therefore learning in my classroom. This depiction has those as the main points of the visual and fits what is pictured in my mind when I mentally reflect on my journey through the project. Engagement, collaboration, and technology were the modes I was trying to transport the learning through and those are also standout points in the word cloud. I love how accurately it depicts my project and journey!

Final Presentation Video:

Leadership Evidence:

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.11.30 PM

I decided to apply to present at the TEDx Conference at the University of Nevada. I chose this conference because it is close to home (New Mexico being my home) and I absolutely adore the TED talks I have seen. The speakers have such passion and enthusiasm for their field or topic and with all the passion I have for technology, science, and my learners I really would like to get out there and light that spark in others. I sincerely hope the outcome is acceptance. Once it is I will begin tweaking the Prezi I created last month so that it may tell my story a little better and practicing the points I would like to cover! I hope with this talk I can radiate my passions and have people excited about education and what technology can do for it as well as how well science and technology work together and how well students respond to an enthusiastic teacher!

Program Reflection: