Month 10: AR Blog Post


1. I believe that my Cycle 1 and 2 data and my Literature Review both show that students learn and collaborate a great deal more when technology is present. Simply looking at my pre and post surveys students who did not like science said the only reason science and technology did not “go together” was because technology is fun and science is not. This shows that students enjoy utilizing technology and that perhaps with something more game based might find that science can be fun through the use of technology. They also show that by using different or novel project ideas appealing to something students already know and enjoy such as television or amusement park rides students make deeper connections thereby learning more from the experience.

2. Honestly I expected my AR project to turn out better. I expected the students to be more creative and more interested in the hands-on, computer based activities created. I thought they would really enjoy something that took them a little out of their comfort zones and required them to show off a little. I think it made me a better practitioner because it helped me see that I really need to do examples of EVERYTHING for my students. If I am asking them to create a skit I need to show them I can get out of my comfort zone as well so that they maybe more receptive to what I am asking of them. I created a song for Newton’s Laws of Motion that I played for them, but that did not seem to be enough for what I was expecting of them. I also should have created some sort of roller coaster to show, demonstrate, and possibly motive them to create something similar. My AR project also helped me become more organized in the planning of my lessons. It was much easier to implement such a huge project when it is organized step-by-step.

3. I think with some of my students I could have a personal learning environment because they are mature enough to handle taking control of their own learning. I had created something similar in the use of Schoology during my Cycles and while some students excelled, others took advantage of me being the supporter and not dictator and did not use time wisely. I think part of the problem was that some do not yet have the time management skills required for a personal learning environment and require a little more structure and guidance than others.