April: Month 8 FPE

  1. What changed in your set up from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2? In my set up from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2 I changed a few major things. My Cycle 2 was scheduled to begin after spring break, however my audience became extremely distracted and hard to keep focused and on track. The students were already a difficult group in terms of engagement and after Cycle 1 it was nearly impossible to gather any sort of data/work from them. Therefore, I changed my focus audience. The only difference is that my audience for Cycle 2 was a different, slightly smaller class period. The other change I made was my content I moved from teaching Newton’s Laws of Motion in Cycle 1 to teaching Energy in Cycle 2. At my school we are expected to stay on a timeline with teaching our content, staying alligned with the other grade level teachers in our content area. By the time I started Cycle 2 my fellow science teachers were teaching Energy so I needed to move on.
  2. What’s happening that you did not expect? “Spring Fever” is the most major thing that happened that I did not expect. It has been so hard to keep my students focused, that even with computers, simulations, and other unique teaching strategies getting any kind of enthusiasm from them has become nearly impossible!
  3. How are you tracking data differently? In order to keep better track of my data I have not only posted rubrics on Schoology for my students, but made them accessible for students to use them to grade themselves. I have also started maintaining digital copies of graded work and rubrics rather than doing them by hand and needing to take photos.
  4. How have the concepts and techniques presented in FPE contributed to your capstone project? The techniques in FPE have helped me look at videos in more detail. Rather than simply seeing the story I am more able to analyze the film to see exactly how every part of the filmmaking process contributes to the story. I now have a better understanding of how to create valuable movies that engage students on a deeper level stemming from not only the content, but how the story is shot including music and visual elements.

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