March: Month 7 MTA

The proposed completion dates in my timeline were early because I wanted to try to finish before our state testing and spring break. However, creating proper pre and post assessments, surveys, interviews, and preparing to implement took longer than I expected. My new plan is to implement cycle 1 before testing and spring break, re-evaluate during those two weeks, and implement cycle 2 when we come back from vacation. With this in mind I am on target to complete both implementations by month 9. The largest hurdle I see so far is the week we are doing our state testing because I will only see the class period I am using for my AR project one day of that entire week. Completing cycle 1 on time, before this week, will aleviate this problem by allowing me to use the time to focus on how to implement cycle 2 and not worrying about working with my students to finish cycle 1. Cycle 1 will still take three weeks and is in progress running from February 28th to March 15th. Cycle 2, again, will take three weeks and will now run from April 1st to April 19th.  My new completion date will be April 19, which will be during month 8 allowing room for any unforeseen circumstances that could possibly arise between now and then.

1 thought on “March: Month 7 MTA

  1. Excellent responses! Even though you had to make some adjustments you are on track to successfully complete Stage 2. Remember to document and elaborate, you will have done so much work it is time to showcase it. Documentation is critical be sure to take notes, images and video. When responding to the prompts form the AR informational site website requirements section provide details that everyone reading your site will visualize what took place. Looking forward to reading about your implementation in month 9, both cycles must be completed by the end of month 8.

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