February: DAE

The ADDIE process helped me refine my implementation process by making me look at what I want to achieve more closely and in detail. ADDIE helped my see where I wanted to go and the steps I needed to take to get there. Since my AR project is looking at student engagement as my end goal, I needed to make my data collection process reflect the achievement of student engagement. ADDIE also helped me refine my data collection process by showing me how specific my assessments needed to be. It also helped knowing where I wanted the students to end up so I could plan my assessments accordingly, creating very usable data to make comparisons. 

My plan to track my data is using google forms to keep survey data, using student initials and ID codes to identify the students, taking pictures and class recordings at least twice a week, and keep information from assignments, pre and post tests, and surveys on my schoology.com account for future reference. I also plan to journal every to every other evening as my anecdotal notes about the day and challenges that have occurred.

My measurable outcomes are to use schoology.com to create better student engagement and active learning as seen in their post-test scores and commercial/skit grades. This outcome relates to my inquiry questions directly because I wanted to see how using different technologies in the classroom, specifically collaborative ones, increase student engagement and motivation. I also wondered how I could better use technology to create immediate feedback for my students, in a more consistent manner. This is another outcome I would like to have at the end of my AR project.