November: TMD Timeline

Critical Friends: I have found that my critical friends are my entire cohort, but primarily Tahara Robinson, Michelle Jones, DeAnna Brown, and Shaneequa Cannon. They will be critical to assessing my AR site and components involved, keeping me on track with due dates and team assignments, answering questions I have, and keeping me as sane as possible throughout the project!

Inquiry Questions:

  1. Will using more collaborative technologies such as schoology with my 8th grade physical science students create more active participation in learning as seen in project grades being no less than an 80%?
  2. Will using brain-based strategies such as novelty, whole brain learning, and sensory learning with my eighth grade physical science students create better connections to prior knowledge as shown in completed KWL charts?
  3. Can I use technology such as clickers and schoology to create immediate feedback to my eighth grade physical science allowing for timely revisions according to needs?

I plan to implement Cycle 1 the last week of January, 1/28/13 to 2/15/13. I plan to review and alter Cycle 1 and implement Cycle 2 the last week of February, 2/25/13 to 3/15/13 so that I will finish my data before State testing, NMSBA, and Spring Break.