October: MLT

1. The problem of interest I have decided to focus on for my Action Research Capstone Project is the lack of motivation in my 8th grade science students.

2. I have chosen this direction because I have such a difficult group of students this school year who have been challenging and hard to keep intrigued and interested in anything school related. The possible solution to this problem is to incorporate Brain Based Learning strategies as well as various and unique technology resources to create an interesting and diverse learning environment.
3. My audience will be 8th graders who are very technological. They are very diverse and unique. I hope that by using technologies as diverse as they are, this will create the connection between them and education they need in order to show interest and a desire to learn.
4. I have found that Brain Based Learning is a widely researched area so there are many articles involving the various ways this has been and can be used in the classroom. I have found many different ways technology is being and can be used in the classroom as well. The difficulties I am finding is narrowing down which technologies I am going to use as well as ensuring I have the proper tools available to me at my school to be able to implement the technologies I have selected.